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Welcome to Chatting about God

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June 18th

Hello all, it’s Friday, and here in CA. things are opening…for example our home Baseball team with 40, 000 fans watched the Padres score 4 runs in the ninth including a walk off homer, things are looking up…today we went to our community rec. center Deb and Stef went into the pool and I shotContinue reading “June 18th”

June 15th

hello friends, took some time off from writing, namely, Debbie, my wife; Birthday was on Sunday, and we had some time together it was nice…so onto todays reading…we are in the Book of The Acts 10, this is one of these times how if we really stand back and look at the whole thing ofContinue reading “June 15th”

June 12th

Hi and welcome again, usually I write during the day, but it’s 9:30 pm PST ( or you ex-military 2130 hrs…lol ) and I just got done with my daughters nighttime Bible study, In Psalm 130:2&3 ” Lord if you kept a record of our sins, who, O Lord, could ever survive ? But youContinue reading “June 12th”

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